Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My garden kicks

This week I'm going to talk about CSA.  I am in love.  For years now I have mad several different attemts to grow my own vegetables and fruits.  The first year we basically planted salsa.  We did good so I expanded to basil,mint and chive.  Again, great.  Then I had a couple years where we had an ice storm kill my seedlings or we flooded or it never rained.  Last year I asked my hustband to make me containers and that was an epic fail.  I belonged to this seed co-op and the only thing that did anything was the organic asparagus.  Asparagus take 3 to 4 years to mature for harvest, I rest my case.

This year I did small controlled planters (saved and replanted the asparagus) and things are going ok.  Very slow machuration and small yeilds.  I was frustrated. 

Last Thursday I putv my kids in the car and drove over to Rainbow Farms in Perry.  I signed up (4 weeks late) for my weekly CSA.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  When you sign up, you commit to purchase fresh local produce for 16 weeks.  You receive a large variety of fruits vegetables and herbs being harvested at that time.  Every week you receive your produce in a reusable shopping bag and you return with it empty for refill every week.  The growing season goes from June 11 thru September 24.

Larry and Tina Klco own and manage the farm.  When you call you speak to them.  When you go in to get your produce, you see them.  I like this small town type of dealings.  I own a local business therefore I believe in buying and supporting local.  Rainbow did not ask me to blog about them or even give me free veggies.  I just made a yummy dinner with some fresh vegetables and needed to shout out.

Visit to check it out for yourselves.  As for my dinner here's a picture.  The receipie will come Friday!

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